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Do not ask me how I came to have these photos. It is strictly confidential, just between you and me and the whole internet. But is this COOL or what:



And then it gets rowdy:




No cherished sterling silver trophies were harmed during the making of this post.


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How could it be in springtime? Knowing how in spring I’m bewitched by you so?


Oh no, not in springtime, summer, winter, or fall! 

No, never could I leave you at all.

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Tonight the sun sets three minutes later in Austin than in Pittsburgh. But who wouldn’t give up three minutes of daylight to have this sunset:


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I know there are hundreds of thousands of pictures of exactly this. We’ve seen them before, on postcards, tourist brochures, books, everywhere. But you can never look at it too much, can you?



Second most beautiful place? Don’t be silly.

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Just in case you’ve been yearning for visual proof that I hung out on the deck at the Grandview the first week in March:


Also, I apologize for not being around so much since I’ve been back in Oz-tin. Truth be told, I’m a little melancholy and a lot distracted. Ya see, turns out Mr. TR’s job will be starting significantly earlier than mine, like months. So we’re packing up the house so he can move away. Not a pleasant prospect – my favorite person in my favorite place, while I’m still stuck in traffic on I-35. 


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The whole point of CPOM is to evoke a sense of place. That’s why pictures and stories of Pittsburgh are so vital for expatriates, because of their ability to transport us back to familiar places and emotions. And that’s why Post-Gazette photographer Steve Mellon’s Pittsburgh Revolution Series is among the very best at doing that. Today it’s the icy Allegheny:


Take a little time to peruse previous revolutions – he’s done Light-up Night, the Super Bowl victory parade, my beloved Forbes Field wall, Wholey’s, and Heinz Field. Plus some weirder places, like the medical examiners autopsy room, Rick Sebak’s office, and the unfinished new Children’s Hospital in Lawrenceville. There’s almost a year’s worth of archived panoramas. I think they’re all just for me, but you can enjoy them too.

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My dog, The Bug, snuggled up under his Terrible Towel.


He dreamed of The Troy.

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