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The P&G Diner in Millvale has everything. It’s a Pamela’s restaurant without the crowds or noise of the Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, Oakland, or Strip locations. It’s located in the historic Lincoln Pharmacy, still open and operating both the pharmacy and the gift shop. And it has the Big Lincoln, shown above in all its atherosclerotic glory.



Lyonnaise potatoes.


Furthermore: a Greek salad that will knock your socks off. Sandwiches. Ask about Stan’s Favorites – the flippers, slippers, and chippers. And [swoon] a real fountain, with shakes and malts, ice cream sodas, and the Lincoln Split.

Oh friends. This place is The Real Deal. The food is among the best I’ve eaten ever, and the setting is a true throwback to the era of my pharmacist grandfather. You’ll enjoy the photos of the building during various Millvale floods almost as much as the coffee. The Lincoln Pharmacy and the P&G Diner are indestructible, by water or by time.


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