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Hi neighbors

Today is Fred Rogers’ birthday. Or Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Day, a day to honor Mr. Rogers conceived by his foundation, Family Communications, to carry on his spirit of human-to-human caring.

I don’t have a Mr. Rogers story of my own, other than all the happy hours I spent as a child watching him invite children all over the country to be good people, believe in themselves, and be his neighbor. But a friend of mine used to work on the hospital ward where Fred Rogers spent some of his last days. She told me that when staff – nurses, dieticians, orderlies – came in to take care of him, he would talk to them and comfort them. He would comfort them, because they were sad that Mr. Rogers was dying.

Fred Rogers didn’t just have a gift, he was a gift. Please pass on his legacy through your own actions, today and every day. Thank you.


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